Kellie Anisa Ali the founder of Anisa’s Secrets and a native of Indianapolis, Indiana grew up in a family where food, family and fun were synonymous. Anisa’s mother the family designated cook and the original spice queen prepared savory meals using her trademark seasoning salt she crafted with herbs and spices in her pantry.  Anisa watched her mother mix her special seasoning blend and she knew there was something magical about herbs and spices. Mother and daughter packaged this special seasoning blend in recycled coffee cans and gave them out to as gifts to family and friends during the holidays.

Later, Anisa migrated to Atlanta, Georgia armed with her mother’s trademark seasoning salt recipe, a passion for cooking and entertaining. In a small apartment in Dunwoody, Georgia, Anisa began concocting her very own special seasoning blends incorporating herbs and spices she found at the local farmers’ markets which added a rich bold flavor to the seasoning blends. Anisa’s continued to create more and more seasoning blends for pastas dishes, chicken, fish, lamb, beef, soups, stews, salad dressings, cereals, granolas and dips. After years mixing these specially blended seasonings for dinner parties and milestone celebrations, Anisa opened her kitchen cabinet one day and discovered her very own line of seasoning blends stored neatly on her shelves. It was from this discovery Anisa’s Secrets was born.

It’s our hope you will enjoy our all natural seasoning blends, gourmet salts and our flavored sugars as much as our family and friends have over the years.